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A ceremonial Bat-signal lit up City Hall on Thursday in tribute to late Batman actor Adam West.

West, who died Friday, appeared in hundreds of films and television shows over the course of his long career, but was best known for his numerous appearances as the unflappable Caped Crusader.

The ceremony was organized by the city of Los Angeles in conjunction with DC Comics.

Los Angeles isn’t as cloudy as Gotham, so the signal was projected onto the side of City Hall, as opposed to the night sky, where it’s usually found in filmed adaptations. Parked outside of the historic building were two replicas of the 1960s-era Batmobile that West and Burt Ward, who played Robin, rode around in during production of Batman: The Movie and the popular TV series that followed.

This isn’t the first time that city officials have used City Hall to memorialize an influential entertainer. Most recently, the building was illuminated in purple light to mark the passing of Prince.


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One of two Batmobiles parked at Los Angeles City Hall for the city’s Tribute to Adam West

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Ready to fire up the #batsignal for #adamwest one more time. #adamwesttribute #brightknight

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