Thousands of new apartments and condos are in the pipeline for Hollywood. On Hollywood Boulevard, Eastown opened in 2014.

When complete, these 30-plus projects will change the neighborhood

As anyone who moves regularly through the neighborhood already knows, Hollywood is changing daily. New hotels, offices, and apartments are rapidly changing the landscape.

More than 1,200 hotel rooms were added to a large section of Hollywood from 2001 to 2016, and, in a similar time period, residential development increased 261 percent. It’s estimated that approximately 4,000 more units in the works. And, on top of all of that, a report prepared for the Hollywood Property Owners Alliance and Central Hollywood Coalition predicts that office space is expected to balloon by 67 percent by 2021.

It’s daunting to keep up with what is planned. To help keep tabs, this map tracks more than 30 projects throughout Hollywood, from its bustling center to its fringes.