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It’s not good-bye — we’re moving to a new home.

Dear readers, hate-readers, and vicious commenters,

Googie. “Greenmailing.” NIMBYs. (So many NIMBYs!) Ugly buildings. Beautiful buildings. Maps. Maps. Maps. Renderings. Filming locations. Earthquakes. Wildfires. Beyoncé’s house. Jeff Bezos’s house. Regular people’s houses. Haunted houses. Walk more, drive less. Seriously, though: Drive less. Trailblazing architects and groundbreaking designers. Travel. Conspiracies. Breeze blocks. Snow. Heat. One epic Los Angeles love letter.

For more than 14 years, Curbed LA chronicled and explored neighborhoods, covered the housing market, tracked development, informed voters, recounted important history, and broke lots of news, thanks to the site’s many editors, writers, photographers, and illustrators. Cary Kadlecek, Josh Williams, Eve Bachrach, Marissa Gluck, James Brasuell, Dakota Smith, Neal Broverman, Adrian Glick Kudler, Pauline O’Connor, Jeff Wattenhofer, Elizabeth Daniels, Elijah Chiland, and Bianca Barragan are just a few of our longtime contributors who captivated readers as they explained, critiqued, and celebrated Los Angeles.

Like the ever-evolving city we cover, Curbed LA has changed over the years, from an aggregator with attitude, to a gossipy real-estate blog, to a trusted local-news source. Now it’s time for a new chapter.

Effective today, we’re stopping production on this site. But it won’t be the end of Curbed stories about Los Angeles. Starting Monday, June 29, our stories will appear on, our flagship site. That’s in preparation for an exciting move over to New York Magazine this fall, where Curbed will relaunch as the newest vertical alongside brands like Vulture, the Cut, and the Strategist. At New York, we’ll have a bigger platform to tell the nation what’s happening in its best city, and even though I’ll be writing for an East Coast publication, I personally promise never to pen a story that wins New York Times bingo.

Curbed LA’s unapologetically Southern Californian point of view will live on, as will the Curbed LA newsletter, which will blast into your inbox every other Friday. Plus, you can still reach us anytime through the Curbed LA tipline. And even though we’ll no longer publish new stories, the archived version of Curbed LA will remain online — a testament to the fact that we built an influential, multifaceted voice for Los Angeles in the time it took to complete one Target.