The ban’s expected to go into effect in August


Going one big step further than Santa Monica’s strict rules—which banned short-term rentals of entire homes or units but allowed home-sharing—the Anaheim City Council voted yesterday to ban all short-term rentals like Airbnb and Vrbo, CBS2 reports.

Though Anaheim has a lot of event destinations that are not Disney related (Angel Stadium, the Anaheim Convention Center, the Honda Center), Disneyland-adjacent short-term rentals and complaints about them were a big part of the opposition to the rentals. Locals spoke out against the “explosion” of rentals near the theme park which they say has caused issues ranging from parking crunches to noise complaints.

Of the 200 people who showed up to the over-five-hour meeting, several did speak out in favor of the rentals, saying they’ve nudged some property owners to spruce up their buildings and homes. “My husband and I love seeing the families that walk to Disney so excited about their vacations,” one woman said.

Still, others referred to short-term rentals as a “cancer” and quality-of-life destroyer that needed to be stopped.

According to the OC Register, there are 363 permitted short-term rentals currently in Anaheim. Anaheim implemented a permitting plan for the rentals in 2014, and required rentals to register for a permit and charge guests a the same 15-percent tax a hotel guest would. With the passage of the ban, those rentals have 18 months to cease operation. For everyone else, CBS2 said the ban is expected to take effect in mid-August.

With Airbnb tied up suing San Francisco over their short-term rental regulations, it might take a minute for them to get around to suing Anaheim. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is still figuring out how to wrangle these popular rentals.